Heavy Metal Back in Vogue

Heavy Metal Back in Vogue

This is “Betty,” an American made Tanker desk. She was manufacturered in the nineteen-forties, when desks like her outfitted every school and office accross the country during the so called, MAD MEN era. You find these grey ladies now, often abandoned and rusting in the wet basement of cold storage. I was lucky enough to find Betty resting comfortably, in the heated back room of local business. Long retired, this sturdy gal still carries a healthy glow of original paint, unmarred formica top, and can even brag she kept all her metal drawer dividers. They literally don’t make them like this anymore and quite frankly, if they did, they’d cost a bundle. Once labeled trash, tanker desks are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The companies that specialize in restoring these heavy metal beauties can fetch up to $1,000. Fortunately, Betty doesn’t need any ‘cosmetic work,’ she’s a mature, natural beauty ready to embark on a second act in life. As we speak, I have several interested parties, hoping to purchase this vintage desk. And I intend to interview each one, because like all good guardians, I will make certain Betty goes to a good home.

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