They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore

The integrity and strength of the Aiken Street Bridge, spanning the Merrimack River and uniting the two halves of the city of Lowell, MA into one, cannot be denied. To say they don’t make them like this intricately trussed structure, any more, would not only be an understatement, but also a fact, as it remains one of the oldest and longest bridges of its type in the country. With revitalized mill buildings, soaring steeples and rushing water as a backdrop for its sweeping arches of steel and rivets the size of silver dollars, this bridge displays a timeless beauty that citizens and visitors to the Mill City have admired since 1883. From horse drawn wagons, to models-T’s, delivery trucks to hybrid cars- vehicles of all kinds have depended on this majestic bridge to carry people, goods and services to where they need to go.
Since its incorporation in 1836, the city of Lowell has been a stage for the triumphs as well as the struggles of both workers and entrepreneurs. From the industrial revolution of the early and mid- 19th century through the Mill City’s re-birth as a national park and now the home of a prolific University on the verge of an amazing expansion. Re-inventing itself is an important part of our city’s success. And like the Aiken Street Bridge, it’s a testament to the strength and integrity of this city’s core structure that allows it to honor the past while embracing the future.
As we approach twenty years in business, John and Michelle Ward, the founders of Office Horizons are proud to announce we’ve come home to Lowell, MA. Our new office furniture showroom is opened to local business owners, facility managers as well as homeowners in need of quality office furniture and the support services necessary to maintain an efficient and comfortable work environment.
Like this great city, Office Horizons understands the importance of honoring old values while embracing new challenges. And now, with a showroom and updated web site, we look forward to meeting new customers and catching up with old friends. Office Horizons may have a new look, but like that seasoned bridge spanning the Merrimack, our core remains the same- everyone at Office Horizons has and always will be committed to building relationships, one office at a time.


John and Michelle Ward

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