The Sit Test

The Sit Test

You wouldn’t buy a car you have to drive for the next seven years or a mattress you will sleep on for the next ten, without testing it out first, but people often order office chairs online and have them shipped to their house or office, site unseen even though they will work from this chair eight hours a day, five days a week for the next several years. And while it may be convenient to order a chair with the click of a mouse, putting down anywhere between two to eight hundred bucks for a chair that shows up in a box, without a sit test can be risky business.

Let face it, when you have a desk job, the office chair you use, is a major tool of your trade. The good news is furniture manufacturers are producing durable and attractive chairs with all the right functions and making them more affordable then ever. The bad news is people purchase office chairs online everyday based on price, popularity and a picture when there really is only one consideration, and I’m not trying to sound like a talk-show therapist but- how does it make you feel?

What chair buyers should remember is like a pair of good fitting jeans, when it comes to your work chair, not one size will fit all. As evidence, a customer came to our chair showroom to purchase a high priced popular mesh chair he had researched on the web, only to find when he actually sat in it, he realized it didn’t fit his frame. He ended up purchasing a modestly price cushioned bottom, mesh back model and was so happy with his purchase he took the time to write a positive review about his experience on Office Horizons’ online directory.

But what about when the facility manager or business owner needs to purchase several of the same type of chair to satisfy many different employees? Is it possible to find a task chair option that can satisfy people of different heights, weights and ages? Again, the good news is- there are models available specifically designed to serve several masters. The best advice- Visit your furniture vendor with a few selected representatives from your office, test the sample chairs available and ask your team to rate each choice. With a one size fits all chair, you will want to consider models designed with a generous proportioned seat width, fabric molded seat cushion with a back that offers a lumbar pad to supports the lower back. It’s important the chair also have a weight tolerance of at least 250 lbs. and a rating for eight hours of daily use. Employees with special considerations such as shoulder, neck or back problems should be given an option of visiting the showroom as well, in order to find a chair that can address their unique needs.

If you are considering an office chair purchase, remember one thing, like a car, mattress or pair of expensive jeans, your going to live with this decision for a while. Take the time to test out your chair, that tool of the trade you rely on everyday to get the work done. Don’t be as concerned with designer brands or super-special pricing – a good furniture dealer will have done a lot of the research for you and will have a nice selection of options to suit your taste, wallet and most important your comfort.

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