Home Sweet Home Office

Hey- home office worker- it’s your little corner of the den, or kitchen, or finished basement and so what if you have to kick a few toys out of your way to answer emails, or move that heaping laundry basket out of view so you’re not distracted by wrinkled dress shirts. This spot is your […]

Architectural Walls are anything but Dry

When you compare flexibility, aesthetics and function, architectural walls win over drywall in all catorgories. If these walls could talk, they’d speak in many languages. They can be specified in wood grain textures, frosted glass, segmented patterns of both solid and glass, with or without electrical and data requirements- the choices are endless. Unlike drywall, […]

Don’t take it out ON the furniture, take it out OF the furniture

Moving an office from one location to another can be a stressful time for a business. The office manager looks around and finds a sea of product to liquidate in order to fit into the new space. If only you could wave a magic wand and make it all disapear. Not to worry, barter the […]

Do You Have A Plan?

Whether you’re adding workers or consolidating two offices into one, formulating an accurate office plan is  the most important part of any office move. A good plan saves time, minimizes lost productivity and protects your budget. Performing reconfigurations or office moves also requires a Project Manager experienced with furniture packing and staging as well as […]

Must Win Situation- Who’s on the Mound?

When a tight game’s on the line, every coach likes to have a trusted closer warming up in the bullpen that they know they can depend on to get the job done. In uncertain economic times, buyers and managers, like to know they are receiving the best available pricing, and often feel required to bid […]

It’s Your Move

It’s a tough situation. Your lease is up, and you need to get office furniture and equipment liquidated before the end of the month. No worries- there are stress-free options. Depending on the size of your office, a reputable furniture dealer can offer to dismantle and move your office at no cost to your business. […]

It’s not easy finding green…

but it’s standard procedure when you purchase remanufactured systems furniture (cubicles). And by green, I do mean this panel system is an eco-friendly product. But can a business save some green by choosing this green option? Absolutely- when you purchase remanufacturered workstations you are purchasing an eco-friendly product that is actually easier on the budget. […]