It’s not easy finding green…

It's not easy finding green...

but it’s standard procedure when you purchase remanufactured systems furniture (cubicles). And by green, I do mean this panel system is an eco-friendly product.
But can a business save some green by choosing this green option? Absolutely- when you purchase remanufacturered workstations you are purchasing an eco-friendly product that is actually easier on the budget.
How does it work? Large lots of pre-owned modular panels are stripped of old fabric and readied for new paint color and fabric of the customers choice. Finished panels cost as much as 35% less then panels manufacutered from scratch, this product looks 100% new and comes with a 10 year warranty. Should your business need to add more stations down the road it’s easy to match and order additonal product as needed.
So it can be easy to find some green after all. Help the environment and your bottom line- choose remanufacturered systems furniture to outfit your next office project.
For more information on remanufactured furniture and related products visit

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