Architectural Walls are anything but Dry

Architectural Walls are anything but Dry

When you compare flexibility, aesthetics and function, architectural walls win over drywall in all catorgories. If these walls could talk, they’d speak in many languages. They can be specified in wood grain textures, frosted glass, segmented patterns of both solid and glass, with or without electrical and data requirements- the choices are endless. Unlike drywall, architectural walls can be reconfigured as spaces evolve, but when built they create a professional appearance of permanence. Defining office space with architectural walls elicits that wow factor that drywall simply can not duplicate.
Unlike the dust and mess associated with sheetrock, sanding and painting as well as the ongoing repairs that drywall require, architectural walls install clean and clean easy.
It may be difficult to move away from the plain-old dry wall you have come to accept, but the stunning possiblities architectural walls present and the professional image they can create in your office environment are worth exploring.

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