Working Tall

Let’s face it, if you have an office job, you spend far too much time on your bottom. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stretch your legs and spend part of your day completing work tasks in a standing position? Well, now you can. Sit-to-stand desk units are gaining in popularity and it’s no […]

The Goldilocks Zone

The earth is known as the Goldilocks Planet because of it’s perfect placement in our solar system. Fortunate for us, our planet resides in the exact spot it needs to be in order to support life as we know it. The Goldilocks Zone is that “just right,” place that’s comfortable to satisfy what is needed. […]

We have a better idea…

How do you purchase everything you need to organize your office space on a budget without feeling like you’re wrestling a tiger. Consider specifiying both new and pre-owned furniture products for your office. Used conference tables, cubicle systems and filing solutions are good choices and can help stretch your budget. A reputable dealer can source […]