The Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks Zone

The earth is known as the Goldilocks Planet because of it’s perfect placement in our solar system. Fortunate for us, our planet resides in the exact spot it needs to be in order to support life as we know it.
The Goldilocks Zone is that “just right,” place that’s comfortable to satisfy what is needed. We all consult the zone when making life choices, like what car to buy for example. You may be star struck by the metallic, turbo charge performance vehicle but as you enter the Goldilocks Zone you envision yourself hauling three ten-year- old’s, toting smelly hockey gear, dripping hot chocolate on your floor mats, to a 6:00 AM hockey practice, an that high performance sports car feels a bit soft for the job.
In business, companies automatically use the zone to choose vendors. The first vendor swoops in with offers of bells and whistle and a support staff to provide endless conveniences if you purchase their product. The second company offers a bargain price that’s a real head turner until you realize you have to crawl through a dusty warehouse to find most of what you need and it’s an ‘all sales final,’ situation. The third vendor gets a feel for your company, assesses what you need and offers you a product to handle the job, at a fair price and can provide ongoing service.
You may say the third vendor is the “just right” fit, and while that may be true for most companies, some do need all the bells and whistles and are willing to pay the added price that goes with it while other companies love a bargain and have the time to put all the pieces together themselves.

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