Out of Hibernation

Out of Hibernation

Like a bear emerging from its den, we feel it now- winter is over. We stretch and yawn and turn our pale little faces toward the sun. Never mind about all those forgotten New Year’s promises, this time of year is the real resolution revolution.
What do you hope to accomplish this spring? Loose those few pounds that snuck up on you over the winter, dust off your bicycle, paint a room or organize your office. Whatever your goal, spring is that perfect jumping off point for starting a new project or maintaining a new lifestyle change and change is good, especially when you approach it with resolve and set small realistic goals for yourself.
In regards to those extra pounds, I recently viewed an informative program on PBS, which relayed scientific study results on simple weight-loss facts and myths. Here are a few pointers from the program which I found helpful.
1) When keeping a food diary, most people under report their actual caloric intake. So be more aware and honest about what you are consuming.
2) After working out for an hour, it may seem disheartening to discover you’ve burned under 200 calories, but the good news is, your body, even at rest will burn many more calories over the next 24 hours- so remember there is always after burn.
3) People on diets often avoid cheese and milk, but studies show that consuming low-fat dairy products allow the body to shed more fat. Great news for all you cheese and yogurt fans.
4) Use smaller plates and bowls to control your portions.
Setting reasonable and achievable personal goals this spring will give you the best opportunity to unfurl like a blossom on a tree. Set a goal- design an achievable plan and this spring, you are sure to SHINE.

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