What Have You Done For Dad Lately?

What have you done for Dad lately?

It’s that time of year when we let our Father’s know how much we appreciate all they do and how hard they work taking care of their families and supporting their communities.

Maybe you have the Dad that volunteers coaching youth sports or the one fundraising for non-profits, or perhaps your Dad’s that guy who’s always available to help a neighbor do some heavy lifting or a friend fix a leaky roof.

And our father’s never expect or seek recognition for all they do. For them, it’s just doing what comes naturally.

With father’s day approaching, daughters and sons will head out to buy another tie or mug that reads “world greatest Dad.” Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise your Dad with a gift that he can use everyday; one that let’s him know you understand how hard he has worked over the years to support and nurture his brood. If you have a Dad who works in an office or has a home office, a comfortable chair is the perfect gift and one he’ll certainly never see coming.

Let’s face it. Where would any of us be without the support, strength and guidance of all the great men in our lives. Isn’t it the perfect time to show your Dad that you have his back too.

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