We Are Here

We Are Here

If you’re a small business, there are times you may feel like that little dust speck in the classic children’s tale by Dr. Seuss, “Horton Hears a Who.” Hey everybody, we are here- ready, willing and able to show you how valuable we can be to your business.

For a small business, getting the word out is important. If you run a service business it’s crucial to designate a geographic radius of service relative to your location and reach the target audience best served by your unique offerings.

And while it can seem daunting to get emails read, convince receptionists to pass on literature or reach the decision makers that will hire you, there are ways, both modern and tried and true that are still effective in letting businesses know “you are here.”

Beef up your on-line presence with an updated website. Find a good website designer to handle the snags and crashes that are inevitable and have their number on speed dial. There’s nothing worse than a potential customer clicking on a link to your site only to see the error message- “site unavailable.” Try to collect a valid email list and send informative and interesting emails sparingly. Another way to beef up your on-line presence is to make certain that directories that list your business have the correct contact information. If they allow posts, pictures or coupons, take advantage of that. Most will list your business for free. If you want to rise to the top of the page, however, you will have to pay a monthly fee. Choose wisely when paying for a premium listing, as many directories do not give a business as much exposure as others. Finally, get out in your community with some old-fashion pounding-the-pavement marketing. You’d be surprised how effective this tried and true method can be, especially when you mention that your service technicians are right down the street and you can provide timely service and offer to charge a little less because there’s no major travel time involved. And it goes without saying that we need to consistently remind our friends and current customers to put in a good word on our behalf if the opportunity arises.

In the end of the Dr.Seuss story, every single person living in the dust speck, including Jo Jo, has to make themselves known in order to get attention. If you’re a small business it’s important every employee that works for you, gets the word out; so make sure your Jo Jo let’s the world know- you are here.

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