And the Oscar Goes to…

And the Oscar Goes to...

This humble Manager’s Chair by Open Plan Systems has put on quite a performance. The reviews are in and everyone, and I mean everyone has only glowing praise about its style, comfort and price. That’s what’s so surprising. No matter the person’s age, height or proportions, every client that sits in this task chair, seems to find it more comfortable than “popular” high-tech models they have tried.

It’s a simple chair; cushioned saddle seat, lumbar mesh adjustable back and stylish silver base- available in one color only; basic black. And perhaps its simplicity is part of its charm. After all, who has time for a chair that comes with an instruction manual?

Priced under $250 it’s a great choice for starts-ups, small businesses and home offices.

If a chair could give an acceptance speech, (watch out- that’ll be next) I picture this 4008 Managers Chair thanking his design team before channeling Sally Fields and beaming- “You like me, you really like me!”

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