Lighten Up

Lighten Up

Remember the entertainment centers we all spent hundreds if not thousands to buy years ago, but would have to pay to have someone haul away now. All the rage in the eighties and nineties, these units organized our VHS tapes, components, etc. and at the time these heavy hitters seemed like a good idea.

When you bought that first flat screen for your living room, however, you had to call a few friends to help move the clunky unit to the playroom. And by now even your playroom has a flat screen and you just want the thing out! You tried a Craigslist curb alert and still no takers. A couple of rainstorms later, the MDF board has exploded to five times its original size and you realize you’ll have to pay to have this monster hauled away.

It’s an important lesson to remember- every furnishing you buy will at some point move locations, be sold or removed from your home or office.

When choosing office furnishings, bulky executive furniture can create the same problem. The labor involved in moving large mahogany desks and credenza when your office relocates may cost you nearly as much as the desk did going in ten years ago.

Consider outfitting your office with commercial grade work surfaces, leg supports and mobile pedestals. These units are not only attractive and efficient, they break down into manageable pieces that almost anyone can disassemble and move within a building or easily bundle to transport. In addition, surfaces, legs and small files are easy to stack and store for future use.

When making your next office furniture purchase, keeping things light not only allows more flexibility and mobility but will save you time and money.

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