Howdy Partner

Howdy Partner

How can your Property Management company gain an edge with a prospective tenant when your building resides in the same locale, offers similar amenities as well as the same stellar maintenance, parking and grounds as your competitors building next door? The simple answer- make the logistics of the client’s move’s less stressful by offering furniture services.

Property Management companies that partner with an Office Furniture Professional can increase their close rate by offering the following services:

Inventory your clients existing furniture.

Provide detail space drawings that show your clients furniture in its new environment.

Liquidate unwanted furniture.

Provide value priced furniture offerings available on quick ship programs for the clients additional purchase needs.

Coordinate and schedule the physical move.

Your Property Management Firm gains a significant edge in the negotiation process when you partner with a Furniture Dealership that allows the client to envision their companies furnishings within the space. And a Professional Furniture Dealer alleviates the stressful logistics associated with your prospective clients office move.

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