Mom, He Won’t Stop Staring at ME!

Mom, He Won't Stop Staring at ME!

When you’re in your office, do you sometimes feel transported back in time- to the rear seat of your parent’s station wagon with your annoying younger brother staring at you on that whole long ride to Lake Winnipesaukee?

When cubicles walls are too low for comfort workers can feel overwhelmed by peripheral noise and distractions. While purchasing new work station systems or even re-configuring the stations you have, isn’t in your budget, PRIVACY SCREENS in opaque colors or acoustic sound deadening options, are a great compromise. Light weight and easy to install yourself, in a matter of no time, you can take back your work space from those incidental interruptions associated with an active office. In addition, these attractive panels can add a needed punch of color or texture to your current office environment.

It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive way to add privacy and a touch of beauty to your current work space, because unlike that trip to Winnipesaukee all those years ago, when someone’s staring at you at work, your Mom can’t intervene on your behalf.

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