Removing the Obstacles for Your Tenants Move

Removing the Obstacles for Your Tenants Move

You’re a commercial property manager trying to nail down a new client to lease space in your building. The competition is fierce at this location and you’re competing with several other firms to win this lease. The answer- make the clients move feel seamless by taking away the obstacles.

– Inventory the clients current furnishings.

– Provide a Space Plan to show how his desks, stations, files etc will work in the new space.

– Offer value pricing for any additional furnishings that may be needed as well as a price to move the client into the new space.

Office Horizons partners with greater Boston Property Management firms to assist them in securing tenants by providing office furniture products and services that make moves less costly and stressful for businesses changing locations.

Make your vacant space easy to move into, by allowing potential clients to be comfortable with their decision. By outlining the move logistics and removing obstacles associated with a large corporate move, the competition next door won’t stand a chance.

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