Meet Ame & LuLu

Ame and Lulu office

Ame and LuLu

Yesterday, after completing a furniture installation at their Newton, MA office, the happy staff at Ame & LuLu gifted me one of their beautiful designer bags and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was great fun working with Amye Kurson and her staff, which included their adorable terrier mascot Winston, and seeing all those unique bags on display, from clutches to large travel bags. From the moment I arrived on site, it became evident that everyone at Ame & LuLu, love their work and the positive energy at this office was inspiring.

The designer bags created by Amye and her staff are not only original and fun, with classic patterns, some which reminded me of ancient Celtic knot design, but uniquely presented in vivid tones with fine finish detail and clasps to sweeten the deal. The result is a bag that is both supremely stylish in design and thoughtfully functional.

I would like to thank everyone at Ame & LuLu and wish them many years of continued success

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