Dangerous Furniture in Your Office?


Second to the mattress you sleep on, your office chair is that one piece of furniture you will use the most hours per day. Odds are if you purchased a chair at one of the big box stores and didn’t read the fine print, you are sitting on a chair rated for only 4 hours of use per day and not intended to carry more than 150 lbs. of weight. After as little as a few weeks and absolutely after a few months, the screws on this chair will loosen and your big box bargain turns into a hazard for the unlucky employee who takes a seat on the day the bolt gives way completely. A cheap office chair is an accident waiting to happen.

Reasonably priced chairs are available in many styles, colors and ergonomic features that will provide you and your employees all day comfort. And while the sturdy office chair costs more than the $99.00 you forked over at the big box store, it may save you and your employees the far more costly results of using dangerous office furniture.


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