Can You Help Me Move Next Saturday?

Can You Help Me Move Next Saturday?

If a friend has ever asked – ‘Can you help me move?’ you know the feeling of dread this question can evoke. Let’s face it, moving five rooms of furniture out of one apartment and up two flights of stairs across town is not the way you planned on spending your weekend.

If moving an apartment full of furnishings conjures up this much dread, you can only imagine the panic an office manager must feel when moving 50 plus employees, cubicles and equipment while trying to avoid downtime for their business.

Now let’s imagine you’re the leasing agent who says to this stressed out office manager- ‘Hell yeah- I’ll not only help you move your business- I’ll help you plan and execute the entire project!’

Property managers who assist their clients in taking inventory of their current stock and furnishing in their old digs, prepare CAD drawings of the new floor plan and help secure the supplemental products, services and furniture their customer will need to occupy the new space will have an edge on competitors not offering this crucial service.

Give yourself the upper hand when wooing new tenants by partnering with an office furniture dealer who can rescue a client from feeling the pressures of a complicated office move. Becoming your clients hero is as simple as saying- ‘yes, I can help you move.’

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