We have a better idea…

How do you purchase everything you need to organize your office space on a budget without feeling like you’re wrestling a tiger. Consider specifiying both new and pre-owned furniture products for your office. Used conference tables, cubicle systems and filing solutions are good choices and can help stretch your budget. A reputable dealer can source […]

Architectural Walls are anything but Dry

When you compare flexibility, aesthetics and function, architectural walls win over drywall in all catorgories. If these walls could talk, they’d speak in many languages. They can be specified in wood grain textures, frosted glass, segmented patterns of both solid and glass, with or without electrical and data requirements- the choices are endless. Unlike drywall, […]

Heavy Metal Back in Vogue

This is “Betty,” an American made Tanker desk. She was manufacturered in the nineteen-forties, when desks like her outfitted every school and office accross the country during the so called, MAD MEN era. You find these grey ladies now, often abandoned and rusting in the wet basement of cold storage. I was lucky enough to […]